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Top 100 Products 1973-2013 (Print)
July/August by Jonathan Valin
Which audio products of the past 40 or so years have been the most significant, either by introducing a technical innovation, influencing later designs, achieving great commercial success, or establishing a new benchmark or performance? Below are the 100 most significant products of the last four-and-a-half decades as chosen by consensus of our writing team and presented (approximately) in chronological order.

Krell KSA - 50/100 (ca. 1981). Imperturbable Class A monoblock amplifiers from engineer Dan D'Agostino, capable of driving the most difficult loads (such as the near-short-circuit Apogee Loudspeaker). Named after "the Krell" - the ancient, super-intelligent race of people that once populated the planet Altair IV in the film Forbidden Planet.