The Master Reference Subwoofer is without peer among low-end transducers. With a specially tuned, 2600W Krell amplifier at its heart, the Master Reference Subwoofer is capable of devastating bass reproduction. Its 1" thick aluminum housing is impeccably finished and loaded with two 15" high-excursion drivers.

Equipped with a Krell designed, active, fully programmable built in crossover, the Master Reference Subwoofer is at home in the most exotic music and home theater systems alike. Link up to four Master Reference Subwoofers together for low frequency performance that is beyond all understanding.

Available in black

Two specially designed 15-inch woofers, each capable of an astounding 3-inch cone excursion, feature high-tech rubber surrounds and massive motors. Mounting the drivers opposite one another and in phase is a unique arrangement that cancels driver borne resonances while promoting efficiency.

At the core of the Master Reference Subwoofer sits a massive, 2600 W Krell amplifier. Equipped with an 8000 VA power supply and a regulated output stage, this purpose-built behemoth drives the MRS to summon hurricane-like air movement and extraordinary acoustic output. It is capable of a staggering
120 dB sound pressure level output at 20 Hz. An advanced comparator circuit for input-synchronous driver control eliminates the performance limitations of conventional negative feedback servo systems.

Supporting such prodigious bass output is a massive chassis constructed of 1-inch-thick aluminum with 2-inch-thick speaker baffles. Weighing 400 pounds, this ultra-rigid cabinet ensures the purest low-frequency reproduction, totally free of typical coloration problems caused by resonance and vibration. The chassis features a high-precision diamond-cut finish, which preserves the natural beauty of the aluminum while providing a distinctive appearance that blends elegantly with interior decor.

A fully programmable digitally controlled active crossover ensures seamless integration between the Master Reference Subwoofer and the main loudspeakers. Powerful Krell software controls the simultaneous connection of conventional and LFE inputs for maximum subwoofer performance in music and home theater systems. Up to five user-definable settings for filter parameters--such as slope, type, and frequency--can be retained in memory.

In addition to conventional balanced and single-ended connections, the Master Reference Subwoofer is equipped with the Krell CAST™--Current Audio Signal Transmission--interface, which delivers the most accurate analog signal transfer between components.




  • Master Reference Subwoofer
  • Master Reference Subwoofer
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