The S-300i is the first Krell integrated amplifier to feature iPod connectivity and extends the award winning tradition of audiophile grade integrated amplifiers.

A low profile chassis fronted by an elegantly finished silver Aluminum front panel hints at the potent circuitry hidden within its walls. Small in stature but big in performance, the S-300i integrated amplifier develops 150 W into 8 Ohms and 300 W into 4 Ohms. Employing a massive 750 VA toroidal transformer and 38,000 microfarads of capacitance guarantees huge power capability for maximum dynamic impact. Both balanced and single-ended inputs are provided, and the Theater Throughput™ mode, developed by Krell, simplifies integration into home theater systems. Robust WBT binding posts provide superior loudspeaker cable termination. New for the S-300i is direct connection for all generations of Apple iPods /iPhones with complete control of the iPod functionality via the included remote control. Unique for the category, the S-300i taps audio from the fully differential output included in the internal DACs of iPods/iPhones and maintains this balanced signal throughout the circuitry.

The S-300i features the latest Krell Class A, direct coupled design, and fully balanced preamplifier circuitry for the lowest noise reproduction possible. Krell Current Mode provides unequaled bandwidth for the most revealing playback of today's high resolution music sources. Direct coupled circuitry eliminates impact-robbing capacitors from the signal path and an elegant, custom-machined level control adjusts volume.

The included solid aluminum remote control replicates all front panel options as well as providing control for a connected iPod/iPhone. RS-232 is also included for inclusion in advanced control systems.

1 pr. balanced via XLR connectors
3 pr. single-ended via RCA connectors
1 dedicated iPod input via 30-pin connector

1 pr. preamp outputs via RCA connectors
1 pr. speaker outputs via gold-plated binding posts

Control inputs
1 RS-232 input via 9-pin D-subminiature connector
1 remote IR detector input via 3-conductor 3.5 mm connector
1 12 VDC trigger input via 2-conductor 3.5 mm connector

Control output
1 programmable 12 VDC trigger output (30 mA maximum current) via 2-conductor 3.5 mm connector

Input impedance
Balanced: 95 kΩ
Single-ended: 47.5 kΩ

Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -0.14 dB
<2 Hz to 110 kHz +0, -3 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio
>84 dB, wideband, unweighted, at maximum gain, referred to full power output
>93 dB, "A"-weighted

32.5 dB

Input sensitivity
Single-ended or balanced: 800 mV RMS

Total harmonic distortion
<0.035% at 1 kHz, at 150 W, 8 Ω load
<0.26% at 20 kHz, at 150 W, 8 Ω load

Output power
150 W RMS per channel at 8 Ω
300 W RMS per channel at 4 Ω

Output voltage
99 V peak to peak
35 V RMS


Output current
15 A peak

Slew rate
50 V/S

Output impedance
<0.080 Ω at 20 Hz
<0.11 Ω, 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Damping factor
>100 at 20 Hz, referred to 8 Ω
>75, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, referred to 8 Ω

Power consumption
Standby: 40 W
Idle: 60 W
Maximum: 1000 W

Heat output
Standby: 140 BTU/hr
Idle: 210 BTU/hr
Maximum: 1600 BTU/hr

Specifications for preamp only:

6.3 dB (single-ended)

Volume control
Current-mode, 12-bit, discrete R-2R ladder

Input overload
Balanced: 12 V RMS
Single-ended: 6 V RMS

Output overload
8 V RMS (single-ended)

Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -0.05 dB
<2 Hz to 1.0 MHz +0, -3 dB

Total harmonic distortion
<0.009%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, at 2 V RMS

Signal-to-noise ratio
>85 dB, wideband, unweighted, at maximum gain, referred to 2 V RMS
>94 dB, "A"-weighted

17.26 in W x 4.09 in H x 17.70 in D
438 mm W x 104 mm H x 450 mm D

Unit only: 42 lb [19.0 kg]
As shipped: 51 lb [23.1 kg]


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"A great-sounding, reasonably priced analog two-channel integrated amp from a high-end brand that many people thought they would never be able to afford - and it's got an iPod interface, too"
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  • S-300i Integrated Amplifier
  • S-300i Integrated Amplifier
  • S-300i Integrated Amplifier
  • S-300i Integrated Amplifier
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