This new amplifier features legendary Krell amplifier performance in a multi-channel, upgradeable new design. The S-1500 has a flexible design that delivers five, six, or seven channels of amplification. All three configurations include input and output connections for all seven channels. The S-1500/5 and S-1500/6 may be easily upgraded with additional channels, up to seven. Available in silver or black.

Rock solid, linear power supply design renders the S-1500 impervious to speaker demand or AC line fluctuations. A 1,500 VA toroidal transformer is designed for massive current delivery while maintaining an ultra-low noise profile.

A robust, 80,000-microfarad array of quick-charging filter capacitance offers enormous energy storage that is available in an instant. Surface Mount Technology is utilized in the amplifier channels to achieve the high circuit density required for wide bandwidth performance.

Krell Current Mode, fully balanced topologies, are utilized for all amplifier channels for the lowest noise and greatest detail retrieval.

Class-A circuitry is utilized in the input, pre-driver, and driver stages to provide the most accurate signal path.

Eight high-speed power devices per channel deliver 150 W into 8 Ohms and 300 W into 4 Ohms. The amplifier is stable at any load impedance.

All channels support balanced inputs and outputs. High quality, 5-way binding posts allow speaker connections via bare wires, spade lugs, or banana plugs.

Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -0.2 dB
<0.2 Hz to 95 kHz+0 dB, -3 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio
>115 dB, "A"-weighted
26.2 dB
Total harmonic distortion
< 0.03%@1kHz, at 150 W, 8 Ohms
< 0.20%@20 kHz, at 150 W, 8 Ohms
Input impedance
Single Ended: 45 kOhms
Balanced: 90 kOhms
Input sensitivity
Single Ended or Balanced: 1.70 V RMS
Output power
150 W RMS at 8 Ohms
300 W RMS at 4 Ohms
Output voltage
98 V peak-to-peak
35 V RMS
Output current
15 A peak
Slew rate
60 V/µs
Output Impedance
<0.070 Ohms at 20 Hz
<0.080 Ohms, 20Hz to 20 kHz<

Damping Factor (referred to 8 ohms)
115 at 20 Hz,
100, 20Hz to 20 kHz,
Power consumption

Standby: 70 W
Idle: 130 W
Maximum: 1300 W
Heat Output
Stand-by: 240 BTU/hr.
Idle: 450 BTU/hr.
Maximum: 1900 BTU/hr.

5 single-ended via RCA connector
5 balanced via XLR connector
5 channels via 5-way binding posts
17.3w x 5.7h x 19.8d
43.9w x 14.5h x 50.3d
Shipped: 66 lb., 29.9 kg
Unit Only: 56 lb., 25.3 kg

"Krell's audio prowess is something to behold. The S-1200U/S-1500 combination sounds huge, immersive, richly detailed, full-bodied and smoother than a panther wearing a smoking jacket."

  • S-1500 Multi Channel Amplifier
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