"My initial impressions of the sound via the Foundation were exceedingly positive: the balance was really satisfying, and images stood firm against a background of absolute inky black."

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Sound & Vision

"The Foundation maintained the clarity, dimensionality, and ease of even the most timbrally complex, dynamically challenging passages "


Home Theater Review

"It's hard to do better than the Krell Foundation AV preamp in terms of performance. "


Home Cinema Choice

"Its performance is stunning in every conceivable acoustic respect, and I never thought I would say that about any AV hardware, period.""


Stars of CES 2013

"A product that promises the high-definition, 7.1-channel audio prowess to match its looks. If it's state-of-the-art surround-sound processing you want"


Flashes of Brilliance

"Speaking of runaway favorites, one of the more exciting developments at CES 2013 didn't take the form of an UltraHD display but rather an AV preamp courtesy of American electronics manufacturer Krell"



Foundation 4K

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Foundation 4K

Signal to Noise Ratio

"A" Weighted 106 dB


Total Harmonic Distortion

(THD) Unweighted 20 Hz-20 kHz, +0, - 0.003 dB



Analog Audio

(1) Pair Balanced via XLR connectors

(4) Pairs Single-ended via RCA connectors


Digital Audio

(10) HDMI 2.0 (4 w/HDCP 2.2) via HDMI connectors (9 on rear, 1 on front)

(3) EIAJ optical via Toslink connectors

(3) Coaxial via RCA connectors


Digital Video

(10) HDMI 2.0 (4 w/HDCP 2.2) via HDMI connectors (9 on rear, 1 on front)


Analog Video

(3) Component Video via RCA connectors

(2) Composite Video via RCA connectors



Analog Audio

(9) Balanced via XLR Connectors

R, L, C, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, S1, S2

(9) Single-ended via RCA Connectors

R, L, C, SR, SL, SBR, SBL, S1, S2

(1) Zone 2 Output

(2) Single-ended via RCA connectors


Digital Audio

(2) HDMI via HDMI connector


Digital Video

(2) HDMI via HDMI connector

Both Include Audio Return Channel

Control / Update

(1) IR Receiver for Remote Control

(1) RS-232 via DB9 Female Connector Straight Wired

(1) RC-5 via 1/8" stereo "trs" Receptacle

(1) Ethernet via RJ-45 Connector

(1) Mini USB used for firmware updates

(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Input via 1/8" Mono receptacle

(1) 12vdc Remote Trigger Outputs via 1/8 Mono receptacles


Digital Decoding Modes

Dolby True HD

Dolby Digital Plus

Dolby Digital 5.1

Dolby Digital EX

Dolby Pro Logic IIX

DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS-HD High Resolution Audio

DTS 5.1

DTS ES Discrete 6.1

DTS ES Matrix 6.1

DTS Neo:6

PCM 5.1

PCM 7.1


Surround Enhancement Modes

General Admission

Front Row

On Stage

Enhanced Stereo



Full Range + Sub





RS-232 DB9 pin out

1. Data Carrier Detect

2. Received Data

3. Transmitted Data

4. Data Terminal Ready

5. Signal Ground

6. Data Set Ready

7. Request To Send

8. Clear To Send

9. Ring Indicator


RC-5 pin out

Tip = RC-5 data, Ring = +5 V, Sleeve = GND


XLR pin out

Pin 1 (ground) Pin 2 (non-inverting "Hot") Pin 3 (Inverting)


Maximum Input

Balanced 6.3 Vrms

Single Ended 3.15 Vrms


Maximum Output

Balanced 16.7 Vrms

Single Ended 8.35 Vrms


Audio Input Impedance

Balanced 58K Ω

Single Ended 58K Ω


Audio Output Impedance

Balanced 100 Ω

Single Ended 100 Ω


Power Consumption

Stand-by 2w

Operation 59w



Inches (L) 16.83 x (W) 17.06 x (H) 3.47

Centimeters (L) 42.76 x (W) 43.33 x (H) 88.1



18lbs Unit only

8.16kg Unit only

24lbs Shipping Weight

10.89kg Shipping weight